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  • Person One

    Person One

    this is just a testing text for description about this person. there is no mater to edit this content

  • Sayed Abdullah Sadaat, BScPH

    Sayed Abdullah Sadaat, BScPH

    Biography  Personnel Information: Name: Sayed Abdullah Sadaat F/Name: Sayed Osman Sadaat DoB: 28 Jun 1993 PoB: Jalalabad City, Nangarhar- Afghanistan Contact details:  0093 (0) 783 83 83 84 & […]

  • Masoud Juya, MD, MS

    Masoud Juya, MD, MS

    Masoud Juya has an MD from Afghanistan and an MS in Policy & Management through Fulbright Scholarship Program from Brandeis University in USA. Dr. Juya has worked in senior management […]

  • Suraya Yousufzai, MD, MPH

    Suraya Yousufzai, MD, MPH

    Education:  MD, Kabul Medical Faculty 2002  MPH, Institute of management sciences , Pakistan 2011  DPN, EC and MOPH, 2011 Current Position: MCH Senior officer/Gender focal point SCA […]

  • Maihan Abdullah, MD, MPH


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