farhad-paimanFarhad Paiman is a medical doctor with a post graduate Masters Degree in Public Health. Dr. Paiman has ten years of working experience with both national and international organizations such as Cure International, Department of Health and Human Services of the United States, Bakhtar Development Network, and OHPM. Dr. Paiman founded OHPM in 2010. During his career he has directly managed many projects under the MoPH stewardship including Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS), Essential package of Hospital Services (EPHS), Community Midwifery Education program (CME) and Community Health Nursing Education (CHNE) project.
During his career Dr. Paiman has been a contributing member of many working groups and committees assigned to develop different policies and strategies. As OHPM’s General Director, he is leading the organization and is in-charge of coordinating the relevant activities of the organization, ensuring coordination with the different departments of OHPM, and further developing the organizational capacity. He is also actively involved in interacting with donors relevant ministries, establishing and maintaining overall external coordination of OHPM.
Dr. Paiman is the Vice-President and a member of the Executive Board of Afghanistan National Public Health Association (ANPHA), a representative of the CSOs in the Global Fund’s Afghanistan Country Coordination Mechanism, Board Member of the Afghanistan Medical council, and a founding member of the Afghan Society Against Cancer (ASAC).