mirwais-baheejI am Dr Mirwais Baheej a member of the executive board of ANPHA. I am a medical doctor and a public health professional currently working in the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan in the capacity of Program manager for Drug Demand Reduction Program. I completed my master’s degree in Governance and Public Policy in the field of Public Health in the University of Queensland, Australia.
I have the experience of volunteer work in civil society organizations as I am a member of the permanent Management Committee of Afghanistan Australia Alumni Association (AAAA) a nongovernmental, non-political and non-for-profit entity of interested volunteer professionals operating in Afghanistan.
Having worked with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) as a Public Health Professional during the last eight years, I have experience in policy development, project management, monitoring and evaluation of public health projects, , procurement and contract management. Further, I have skills in planning, implementation and data analysis.
My mission is to advocate for social wellbeing and socioeconomic development, and promote innovative practices, policies and systems that lead to a developed socioeconomic system and a welfare Afghan society. I am sure, the ANPHA can accomplish this mission through creation of a collaborative, powerful and credible national and international network of professionals. This network will contribute to playing the role of a foundation/base for system building, leadership and action in Afghanistan. This powerful professional network can also contribute to development of the country by sharing the knowledge and experience of its members, who have gained them during several years of work and study, to the broader community.