farhad-farewarFarhad Farewar, Fulbright Alumni (2010-2012) and holder of a Master of Science in International Health Policy and Management from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University. Following graduation as a medical doctor, he worked as an assistant lecturer at Balkh Medical College, Afghanistan. He also worked as general practitioner with MSF and the Iranian Red Crescent. After two and a half years in migration, he returned to work as provincial health supervisor with the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, where he was later promoted to deputy manager.
As Technical Advisor to Parwan Provincial Public Health Director, he was responsible for implementing the reform project under the Ministry of Public Health Strengthening Mechanism Project. Before leaving for graduate studies in the US, he acted as Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant and then as Contract Consultant with MoPH. As part of his last assignments, he was responsible for monitoring NGO performance in terms of providing health services to the Afghan people. He produced reports and provided feedback for improving performance and providing evidence for policy decisions. He also managed and administered the health services contracts awarded to national and international NGOs.
Since February 2014 he has been working as Senior Advisor to SEHAT Program Coordinator. Besides, he is currently working as Health Economics and Financing Directorate.