an0044I am Masoud Juya. I have an MD from Herat University and an MS in international health policy and management through Fulbright Scholarship Program from a US based University, the Brandeis. I have worked in senior management and leadership positions ranging from chancellor of a private university to head of the union of private educational centers, university lecturer, medical doctor, program development director, human resource manager, director of a training center, language instructor, trainer and to research and faculty assistant etc. I have worked with national and international organizations such as Kahkashan-e-Sharq University, World Vision, Columbia University, CRS, AREA, BDN, Brandeis University, Herat Hospital, Massachusetts Mentoring Partnership, Piri Herat Humanitarian Foundation, Fulbright Alumni Association etc.

Honors and Awards :

  • City Best Young Professional Award, Herat, Afghanistan, 2013
  • Single founder of a Teacher Training College, Herat, 2013
  • Co-founder of Kahkashan-e-Sharq University & Institute of Health Sciences, Herat, 2012
  • Sillerman Philanthropy Runner up Award, Brandeis University, USA, 2010
  • Social Entrepreneurship Project Proposal; First Position, USA, 2010
  • Fulbright Scholarship Award to USA, 2009
  • Scholars Gold Medal Award for Writing Challenge, Herat (University), Herat, Afghanistan 2008
  • Cofounder of an educational union, UPEC, Herat 2004
  • High School Top Student Award; First Position, Herat High Schools, Herat, 2000
  • The Single Founder of one of the Largest Private Training Centers (HTC), Herat, 1997

I believe in change; change in action. I love doing things differently. I have celebrated my marriage in an orphanage because I see this as a great change in today’s tradition of marriage celebrations. Once I was a flying teacher to Herat for a special class I was committed to teach; so I traveled from Kabul to Herat and back 24 times over 3 months period of time and missed NO single teaching session while I met the attendance requirements of my job in Kabul as well.

I also celebrated my kid’s birth differently by providing clothing and financial assistance to around one hundred kids instead of distributing candy to families. In addition to differences in my personal life, I love doing things different in my official assignments. In fact the openings of the five ventures I have helped start up have been much different from what is normally done on this front. I believe one should not wait to make big changes.

Make a change no matter how small! If I am selected on the ANPHA executive board, I might propose changes in the service concept of this valuable institution. If team consensus is built on my proposal, the purpose would be to generate more income for ANPHA.

This income generation would not necessarily require ANPHA to turn from a non -for -profit institution into a for-profit one as Afghanistan’s NGO Constitution states; Non-for profit institutions can engage in for-profit activities on the condition that the revenue generated is spent for non-for profit purposes. Using this principle, we might be able to boost the autonomy, authority, scope of functions and influence of ANPHA by generating income and launching larger initiatives in future through ANPHA.