mohammad-samim-soroushDr. Mohammad Samim Soroush is medical doctor by training from Kabul Medical University with further training in MCH epidemiology at Emory university, Atlanta USA. He has been working in public health field with different national and international organizations for the past 8 years.
Following his graduation from KMU, he started working as Data Analyst with CDC Atlanta quality assurance project in MoPH with concentration on maternity hospitals in Kabul and continued his work as HMIS advisor for 3 years with that project. He also worked as Technical Manager in a private consultancy firm in 2012.
In 2013, he joined the Expenditure Management Information System (EMIS) team in MoPH’s Health Economics and Financing Directorate (HEFD) as EMIS Team Leader and continued his work for 3 years where he contributed to the development and implementation of EMIS at national level starting with BPHS/EPHS implementers. He has also been in-charge of the three rounds of internship program in HEFD for the newly female graduate in MoPH. As of December 2015, he has joined Reproductive Health Directorate of MoPH as Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager.
He is an active member of ANPHA since January 2013 and is passionate to contribute to the health of people of Afghanistan through this forum.