abdullah-sadaatThis is Sayed Abdullah Sadaat son of Sayed Osman Sadaat, born on 28 June 1993 at Kabul province. Permanent resident of Nangarhar province currently settled in Kabul, third part of Khair Khana. In December 2014, I was graduated from Kabul Medical University as first term graduates from Public Health and Preventive medicine. I have worked with national/ international organization in different fields before. After completing my studies at Kabul Medical University, I joined OHPM (Organization for Health Promotion and Management) and still working in different positions. In 2013 I became a member of ANPHA then at the end of 2014 I was selected as a coordinator for ANPHA. My biggest achievement in this period was re-registration of ANPHA and receiving a new license for ANPHA for the next three years. Also I was a focal point for Road Safety campaign and successfully launched road safety campaign with the support of colleagues and OAA (Organization of Afghan Alumni).