16-2-2000Afghanistan National Public Health Association (ANPHA) and Organization of Afghan Alumni (OAA) in cooperation with Afghan Ministry of Health started awareness raising campaign on harms of second hand smoke on 15th December here in Kabul and would last for 4 weeks.

In inauguration of the event Dr. Alim Atarud, ANPHA President addressed on behalf of ANPHA and OAA to the participants and gave details about the goals, objectives and the need for such campaign in the society. Dr. Atarud emphasized that tobacco use in general, and cigarette smoking in particular has various sever negative effects on health of human beings. Tobacco smoke does not only affect the smoker, but has sever negative impact on health of the others breathing second hand smoke, said Dr. Atarud.

anphatabacco-bAt the inauguration event, Dr. Ahmad Jan Naeem, Deputy Minister of Public Health also emphasized on ban of cigarette smoking in public areas. He gave details on the health effects of tobacco, and particularly stated that using any tobacco products can cause severe health problems, including various cancers.

Among the speakers, Dr. Khakrah Rashidi, Executive Board member of ANPHA appreciated the efforts of Ministry of Public Health in developing Tobacco Control Legislation, and asked the Parliament to soon approve and promulgate the mentioned law.

The campaign would continue with distribution of informative materials aiming to raise awareness of public on harms of tobacco use, particularly harms of second hand smoke. It has been noticed in many public areas where people smoke without any restriction. This is very common in restaurants, busses and sometimes inside houses. With this campaign ANPHA and OAA aims to target the audience to use self protection strategies and safeguard theirs and their family’s health. Luckily, Afghan Ministry of Public Health has already developed a legislation which is approved by the cabinet and waits for approval of the Parliament of Afghanistan.