Afghanistan National Public Health Association

ANPHA Membership Application

Afghanistan National Public Health Association (ANPHA) is an independent, non-political, notfor profit and non-governmental entity of interested volunteer public health professionals. ANPHA is established in February 2010 by a group of public health professionals committed to advocate to strengthen health system in the country and ultimately contribute in achieving MDGs. The mission of ANPHA is “to advocate for public health improvements, and promote innovative public health practices, policies and systems that lead to a strengthened health system in Afghanistan”. ANPHA accomplishes its mission through creation of a collaborative, powerful and credible national and international network of public health professionals. The network will play the role of a base for health system leadership and action in Afghanistan

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I, the undersigned, hereby apply to become member of Afghanistan National Public HealthAssociation. I have read the ANPHA Constitution, and agree with the objectives and the rules of Association.


Membership Rules:

  1. Individuals and national and international institution committed to goals and objectives of this association can get the membership of the association.
  2. Membership to association is voluntary. Volunteer individuals or institutions have to submit written membership application to executive board. Acceptance or rejecting the membership request is the authority of the executive board.
    1. Each member of the association is obliged to pay admission fees while becoming member; and based on the agreed procedures pay the membership fees
  3. Privileges of members of the association:
    1. Members can vote, be candidates and participate in gatherings of the association as per rules and regulations of the association;
    2. Members can get membership card;
    3. copy of the Afghanistan Public Health Journal.
  4. Awarding and punishment of the members is the authority of the executive board.
  5. Members violating the statutes and procedures of the association and are not able to present convincing statement, after advising and warning, his/her membership will be terminated as per decision of executive board