ANPHA is established to serve as the national advocate for high quality and evidence based public health practices. Utilizing public health networks and experts, ANPHA recognizes great and pressing need for reforming the Afghanistan health system to ensure access to the delivery of the best preventive measures and high quality health services for all Afghans in an equitable manner.

Despite being a newly established association, the existence of diverse expertise within the Association members enables it to effectively advocate for public health issues throughout the country. ANPHA recognizes and appreciates the efforts of the Afghan Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and other stakeholders; however, it believes that more can be done to alleviate the sufferings of the Afghan population caused by public health related problems. Acknowledging the major current public health needs and its capacity to implement corrective solutions, ANPHA has developed its strategic plan intending to support public health organizations, including MoPH, in addressing public health problems in the country.

In addition to strengthening its organizational effectiveness, ANPHA aims to work on the following strategic directions during the upcoming three years:

  • Enhance evidence and awareness of cultural diversity;
  • Advocate for evidence based public health policies; and
  • Support universal health system development and reform.

The identification of the strategic directions was based on a thorough and in-depth analysis of the Afghanistan Public Health situation as well as the capacity of ANPHA. ANPHA believes that this document is a beginning for an effective implementation of its professional work in line with its vision, mission, objectives, guidelines and procedures.