To supportr Stop Tobacco Day, ANPHA launched a coordinated media campaign discussing the side effects of cigarette smoking and presented strongr recommendations to reduce the health risks from of tobacco use in Afghanistan. ANPHA representatives took part in interviews, debates and events advocating f reducing the risks of tobacco use in Afghanistan. ANPHA’s Vice President Dr. Dawran Faizan, ANPHA executive board members, Dr. Khalil Ahmad Mohmand, Dr. Nasratullah Rasa and Dr. Mohammad Khakrah Rahshidi participatd in media debates and discussions to support stop tobacco initiative and reduce the environmental risk of tobacco use in public places.

In an event organized by the Ministry of Public Health; ANPHA’s President, Dr. Alim Atarud addressed the audience and thanked the MoPH for its efforts to control and regulate tobacco use in Afghanistan. In particular , he emphasized the latest effort of MoPH regarding the ban of smoking in public places. Dr. Atarud recommended speeding up the promulgation of policies which are currently being developed..
Please see the link bellow for a policy brief which shows the official stand of ANPHA regarding tobacco use in Afghanistan. (