ANPHA is an independent, nonpolitical, non-for profit and non-governmental entity of interested volunteer public health professionals who advocate for improving the health of people through high quality public health policies and programs. ANPHA is comprised of public health professionals, health workers and other category of people involved in public health. ANPHA members and staff will work closely with MoPH, Members of Parliament, the Senate, academic institutions, other governmental and non-governmental entities, and health establishments to ensure that public health is priority in the executive, legislative and policy-making processes.


Health professionals and career health workers, national and international institutions are interested in the goals and objectives of ANPHA can get the membership of the association.

ANPHA member benefits

ANPHA membership provides opportunities to develop and expand the member’s public health expertise through sharing national and international public health publications, technical platforms, creating networking among public health experts. Additionally, members have the privilege to:

To attend the ANPHA annual congress with substantial discount
To receive information regarding career development including the scholarships and fellowships programs and national and international conferences and events.
To receive a copy of the Afghanistan Journal of Public Health for free and access to ANPHA website and AFJPHA
To access to World Federation of Public Health Association membership benefits American Public Health Association
To become member of American Public Health Association and access to APHA membership benefits (to be confirmed)
Member Registration and Payment

Membership to association is voluntary. Volunteer individuals or organization or institutions have to submit a paper-based or online membership application form to ANPHA.

Each member of the association is obliged to:

Pay admission fees at the time of becoming a member
Pay membership fee in accordance with the set procedures. The membership fee is paid after filling up and signing in the developed form. The member will be given a receipt slip for confirmation.
Membership Categories

Executive Board Members: 2500 AFN per year

Regular: 500 AFN per year.It is open for public health professionals and any career health workers.

Community Health Workers: Free. To recognize the volunteerism community health worker, ANPHA offer free membership to all CHWs in Afghanistan.

Student: Exempt,this exemption is offered for students who are enrolled to any health related education programs.

Nongovernmental and Private Organizations: 10,000 AFN per year. It is open for non-profit organization. Membership requires approval from ANPHA executive board.

Honorary Public Health Supporters: Exempt

Governmental Public Health Institutions: Exempt

Membership Period

Membership period is one year and will be renewed upon paying the membership fee before completion of the grace period.

Failure to pay the annual membership fee

A member will be given 6 months grace before membership is terminated.

Membership Terms and Renewal Procedures

Membership will be automatically renewed annually after payment of annual membership dues. There is no need to submit another application for membership renewal.

Conditions for termination of Membership

ANPHA retains the right to terminate a membership at any time should there be any clear violation of ANPHA Member Code of Conduct, or multiple accounts of negative feedback by other ANPHA members and/or other credible sources.

Members violating the statutes and procedures of the association and are not able to present convincing statement, after advising and warning, his/her membership will be terminated as per decision of executive board.

Compliance and Breaches:

Non-compliance of the members with statute of ANPHA will result in cancelation of membership, which should be based on solid and documented evidence.